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Now administered by the University of Regina Library, Prairie Forum is a multidisciplinary journal serving as an outlet for research relating to the Canadian Plains region.

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Fall 2013

Agriculture and River Lot Settlement in Western Canada: The Case of Pakan (Victoria), Alberta, R.G. Ironside and E. Tomasky

The Character and Strategy of the Manitoba CCF, 1943-1959, Nelson Wiseman

Regional Development and Social Strife: Early Coal Mining in Alberta, Kirk Lambrecht

The Prairie Legislative Buildings, Diana L. Bodnar

The Conservative Party of Alberta under Lougheed, 1965-71: Building an Image and an Organization, Meir Serfaty

The (Royal) North-West Mounted Police and Prostitution on the Canadian Prairies, S.W Horrall

Plain Racism: Reaction Against Oklahoma Black Immigration to the Canadian Plains, R. Bruce Shepard

"The Strawberry Roan" in Alberta: An Expression of Regional Identity, T.B. Rogers

The Quest for Pasquatinow: An Aboriginal Gathering Center in the Saskatchewan River Valley, David Meyer, Terry Gibson, and Dale Russell

"To Reach the Leadership of this Revolutionary Movement": A.J. Andrews, the Canadian State and the Suppression of the Winnipeg General Strike, Tom Mitchell

"Our Parents Did Not Raise Us to Be Independent": The Working and Schooling of Young Franco-Albertan Women, 1890-1940, Ann Gagnon

Pacifism and the Saskatchewan CCF at the Outbreak of World War II, Donald C. Kerr and Stan D. Hansen

Re-evaluation of Native Plant Species for Seeding and Grazing by Livestock on the Semiarid Prairie of Western Canada, P.G. Jefferson, A.D. Iwaasa, M.P. Schellenberg, and J.G. McLeod

A Dry Oasis: The Canadian Plains in Late Prehistory, James Daschuk

Aspiring to Greatness with the Help of God: The Chinese Collection of Norman MacKenzie of Regina, Saskatchewan, Gail Chin

Canada the Bully: Indigenous Human Rights in Canada and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Joyce Green

Jack Fish, Rabbits, and Slough Water: Pioneer Diet on the Canadian Western Prairies, 1870-1914, Sandra Rollings-Magnusson


Dr. JoAnn Jaffe is Prairie Forum’s current editor-in-chief and Professor of Sociology and Social Studies at the University of Regina. She teaches in the areas of sociology of development, sociology of the environment, and social theory.

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