Beyond the Farm Gate
The Story of a Farm Boy Who Helped Make the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool a World-Class Business
ISBN: 978-0-88977-334-9
Year: 2014
Pages: 260
Binding: Paperback

One of Canada's greatest sons, E.K. (Ted) Turner helped set the stage for Saskatchewan's economic miracle.

Raised on a farm in Rural Saskatchewan, Turner threw open the farm gate to lead the farmer-controlled Wheat Pool to its greatest heights--the Globe and Mail called it "one of Canada's best run companies."

He diversified its holding and took on governments and vested interests in order to do it. Never afraid to make tough decisions, he even closed grain elevators in the face of farmer-led protests.

Turner witnessed the rise and fall of the family farm, the rise and fall of the cooperative movement, and the transformation of agricultural policy in the age of globalization.

From working the land to working with prime ministers, his memoir reveals a man who fought on behalf of farmers--both at home and internationally--while maintaining a sense of balance and the greatest integrity.


Introduction — ix

Chapter 1: Family Origins — 1

Chapter 2: Tom and Jessie — 11

Chapter 3: Ted's Story — 20

Chapter 4: Early Involvement in the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool — 41

Chapter 5: President of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool — 67

Chapter 6: Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Affiliations and Relationships — 90

Chapter 7: The Canadian Wheat Board — 106

Chapter 8: The Globalization Phenomenon — 115

Chapter 9: New Opportunities — 127

Chapter 10: Public Policy for Agriculture —132

Chapter 11: Specific Policy Concerns — 145

Chapter 12: Ancillary Companies — 164

Chapter 13: The University of Saskatchewan — 173

Chapter 14: My Community Involvement — 180

Chapter 15: Reflections on the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool — 193

Appendix A: My Parting Philosophy, 1987 — 202

Appendix B: Recognition and Awards — 210

E.K. (Ted) Turner

One of Saskatchewan's greatest sons, E.K. (Ted) Turner helped set the stage for the province to become a powerhouse of the Canadian economy.
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