Fiery Joe
The Maverick Who Lit Up the West
ISBN: 978-0-88977-485-8
Year: 2017
Pages: 384
Binding: Paperback

"This political biography is first-rate." - James Naylor, author of The Fate of Labour Socialism

 "An important demonstration of what big dreams can achieve." - Roy J. Romanow, former Premier of Saskatchewan

As an architect of Saskatchewan's socialist revolution, Joe Phelps was a firebrand whose drive ultimately outstripped the system he wished to change. He virtually "lit up" the province as a minister in Tommy Douglas's government by establishing the groundwork for rural electrification and igniting a multitide of entrepreneurial experiments. He spoke up on women's issues and the environment, and he advocated for Indigenous rights. But his unrelenting push for change alienated many and Phelps served only one term; he was not asked to run again.

"Phelps was the most radical member of the CCF government, and Fiery Joe offers a thoughtful assessment of what he accomplished during his years in the legislature and as president of the Saskatchewan Farmers' Union." - Bill Brennan, editor of Building the Co-operative Commonwealth


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1. Land Of Opportunity

2. A New Political Landscape

3. Common Ground

4. Stormy Weather

5. Maverick Dreamer

6. Thunderstruck

7. Power to the People

8. Airborne

9. The Fur Trade

10. Out of the Woods

11. Nature’s Storehouse

12. The Problem Children

13. Turning Points

14. “It’s time we put the spurs and knuckle dusters on”

15. The Western Development Museum

16. The People’s Commission

17. Action Now


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