Holy War
Cowboys, Indians, and 9/11s
ISBN: 9780889774148
Year: 2016
Pages: 340
Binding: Paperback

"A timely reminder of how Americans, for centuries, have understood their wars of aggression as ultimately justified and fundamentally innocent." Boyd Cothran, author of Remembering the Modoc War: Redemptive Violence and the Making of American Innocence

"Original and innovative." David McNab, author of No Place for Fairness and Walking a Tightrope

Noam Chomsky and George W. Bush seldom agree, but they both argued that 9/11 stood alone in American history. Although the use of airplanes as weapons of mass destruction was new, Mark Anderson maintains that the response to the attack was not: it was, in fact, as old as the Republic itself.

Beginning with the Mexican-American War and ending with the invasion of Iraq, Holy War probes presidential speeches, news reports, editorial cartoons, television programs, and films to uncover how the United States reverts back to its creation mythology of "fighting Indians" to justify centuries of American imperialism.

"Captivatingly written, highly accessible, and engaging. This book makes a major contribution to scholarship on 9/11 by drawing parallels between these events and America's role in previous conflicts. More so, it illuminates the connection between a legacy of racist images of Indigenous peoples in American popular culture and the use of related imagery to justify American imperialistic intervention." Matthew Tegelberg, Assistant Professor, York University

Table of Contents


Chapter One             “Forever Young,” An Introduction

Chapter Two              “BLESSINGS OF HEAVEN,” Mexican War

Chapter Three           “The Bulliest Day Since Christ Was Born,” Jesus Custer

Chapter Four             “A Chaos of the Land,” Mexican Revolution

Chapter Five              “Fly in the ointment,” Augusto Sandino

Chapter Six                “You just don’t turn it off,” Rambo’s Vietnam

Chapter Seven           “The shining,” Ronald Reagan’s Nicaragua

Chapter Eight             “Wake up call from God,” Conclusion



Mark Cronlund Anderson

MARK CRONLUND ANDERSON is an award-winning author of five books, including Seeing Red and Pancho Villa's Revolution by Headlines.
This provocative psycho-historical reflection on post-9/11 America posits that U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are merely the latest in a lengthy history of military engagements with which the perpetually traumatized nation regenerates itself through acts of violence that replicate frontier tropes
Best book/Authors , Publisher Weekly
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