The Knowledge Seeker
Embracing Indigenous Spirituality
ISBN: 9780889774179
Year: 2016
Pages: 224
Binding: Paperback

"An Indigenous journey from the head to the heart of the spirit. This book makes a significant contribution." Kathleen E. Absolon, author of Kaandossiwin: How We Come to Know

In The Knowledge Seeker, Blair Stonechild shares his sixty-year journey of learning-from residential school to PhD and beyond-while trying to find a place for Indigenous spirituality in the classroom. Encouraged by an Elder who insisted sacred information be written down, Stonechild explores the underlying philosophy of his people's teachings to demonstrate that Indigenous spirituality can speak to our urgent, contemporary concerns.

"Stonechild was at the forefront of developing Indigenous education programs throughout Canada. This seminal, experiential work is not only about his personal journey, but also his culmination of years of experience with his own Cree culture and spirituality. An essential and courageous book." Brian Rice, author of The Rotinonshonni and Seeing the World with Aboriginal Eyes

Table of Contents




Chapter 1: Wanting to Know—11

Chapter 2: Controlling Our Education—29

Chapter 3: The Great Principle—43

Chapter 4: The Great Law—69

Chapter 5: Once Powerful Healing—91

Chapter 6: Re-evaluating the Past—111

Chapter 7: Contemporary Crisis—131

Chapter 8: Modern Study of Spirit—161

Chapter 9: Restoring Balance—181

Epilogue: “Creator Does Not Lose His Children”—199





Blair Stonechild

Blair Stonechild is a Cree-Saulteaux member of the Muscowpetung First Nation and Professor of Indigenous Studies at First Nations University of Canada. His most recent book is Buffy Sainte-Marie.
Stonechild said the elders believe there is a sense of urgency to share this knowledge, particularly with the youth who are facing far too many social ills like drugs and alcohol abuse, gangs, violence, crime and incarceration.

"It is only through spirituality that one can understand their role in life," he said.
Kerri Benjoe , Regina Leader-Post
The Walrus Talks The Indigenous City at the Winnipeg Art Gallery
The Walrus Talks The Indigenous City at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Walrus
"The Knowledge Seeker," is principally about reclaiming Indigenous spirituality after going through residential schools and also his own personal experience in earning a PhD. Stonechild, a member of Muskowpetung First Nation talks about the understanding of ceremonies and proper relationships with creation.
Jamin Mike , EagleFeather News
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