These Are Our Legends
ISBN: 9780889773967
Series: First Nations Language Readers 5
Year: 2015
Pages: 120
Binding: Paperback

Narrated by Lillooet Elders, transcribed and translated by Jan van Eijk, illustrated by Marie Abraham

Like all First Nations languages, Lillooet (Lil'wat) is a repository for an abundantly rich oral literature. In These Are Our Legends, the fifth volume of the First Nations Language Readers series, the reader will discover seven traditional Lillooet sptakwlh (variously translated into English as "legends," "myths," or "bed-time stories." 

These texts are presented in a technical transcription that can be used by linguists, and also in a practical orthography that can be used by Lillooet speakers themselves. An English translation is also given. Basic information on the Lillooet language, its grammar, and a glossary are included in the volume. 

With thanks to the Mount Currie Cultural Centre and the Tszil Publishing House. 




Húy'lhkan ptakwlh



On the Language of the Lillooet



ni? ?izá spták



Nilh Izá Sptákwlhkalh /


1. I á7ewasa nk'yap   The Two Coyotes—


2. Weq'w ti nk'yápa   Coyote Drowns—


25  29  33 37 43 49 61  71vii  ix  xvii  w?ka?—1  These Are Our Legends—23




3. Ta nk'yápa múta7 ta tsúquma   Coyote and Chickadee—





4. Ti nk'yápa múta7 ti skalúl7a

Coyote and Owl—



5. Ti stalhálama múta7 i stsmá i míxalha

Grizzly Bear and Black Bear’s Children—



6. Ta smémlhatsa múta7 ta skalúl7a

The Girl and the Owl—



7. Ta sqáycwa ullusmíntali ta míxalha

The Man who Stayed with the Bear—



Lillooet-English Glossary—



Jan van Eijk

Jan van Eijk has studied the Lillooet language for over 40 years and has published a large number of studies on the language, including the first comprehensive descriptive grammar of Lillooet, The Lillooet Language: Phonology, Morphology, Syntax. He is employed in the Department of Indigenous Languages, Arts and Cultures at First Nations University of Canada in Regina.
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