Time Will Say Nothing
A Philosopher Survives an Iranian Prison
ISBN: 978-0-88977-302-8
Series: The Regina Collection 1
Year: 2014
Pages: 255
Binding: Casebound with dust jacket

Sorbonne-educated and the author of almost 30 books, Ramin Jahanbegloo, a philosopher of non-violence in the tradition of Tolstoy and Gandhi, was arrested and detained in Iran's notorious Evin Prison in 2006.

A petition against his imprisonment was initiated, with Umberto Eco, Jurgen Habermas, and Noam Chomsky among the signatories. International organizations joined in, and media around the world reported his case extensively. Finally, after four months, he was released.

In this memoir Jahanbegloo recounts his confinement, his fear for his life, and his concern for the well-being of his family. With cockroaches his only companions, he is sustained by the wisdom of the great philosophers and by his memories of childhood in Tehran and coming-of-age in Paris.

Now exiled to Canada, Jahanbegloo wryly observes that he "traded the danger and violence of an Iranian prison for the mediocrity and hypocrisy of a late capitalist society" and finds himself struggling yet again--this time against banality--in his continued quest for freedom.

"Riveting and beautifully written...Time Will Say Nothing is an indictment of the practices of a particular regime; but its complaint reaches much farther. It is an indictment of all regimes, East and West." -Fred Dallmay, author of In Search of the Good Life and Being in the World


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 Jahanbegloo, Ramin, author
          Time will say nothing : a philosopher survives an Iranian prison
/ Ramin Jahanbegloo.
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Canada--Biography.  5. Iranian Canadians--Biography.  I. Title.
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Ramin Jahanbegloo

The winner of the Peace Prize from the United Nations in Spain and an advisory board member of PEN Canada, Ramin Jahanbegloo is an internationally celebrated philosopher. Currently, he is Vice Dean and Executive Director of the Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Peace at Jindal Global University in New Delhi, India.
"Reading Hegel in a Tehran Prison," an excerpt from Time Will Say Nothing
Ramin Jahanbegloo, Los Angeles Review of Books
"He writes as if he was setting down his own obituary in a hurry."
Roland Elliott Brown, National Post
"The irony of his captivity is that Jahanbegloo's career trajectory, teachings and work mainly promote messages of non-violence and tolerance. His pluralistic view is threat enough to goad the Iranian government."
Devin Pacholik, Pages and Patches
"I am not a spy, I am a philosopher."
Ramin Jahanbegloo, The Chronicle Review
"Mingling reflections on his own personal destiny with the political, [Jahanbegloo] dreams of freedom and for a better future for Iran where society conforms to his ideas of forgiveness and nonviolence. The book also includes some sharp reflections on Canada, "a country with no metaphysical foundation," where he moved after his release from prison in Iran, and describes his struggles with "the melancholy of immigration," mediocrity and conformism."
PW, Publishers Weekly
"[Jahanbegloo] weaves together philosophical inquiry with a first-hand account of the author's experiences behind bars. The book promises to offer rare insight into the conditions of life under an authoritative regime."
Fall Preview, Quill & Quire
A Season In Hell
Q&A, Pen Canada
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