Woods Cree Stories
ISBN: 978-0-88977-345-5
Series: First Nations Language Readers 4
Year: 2014
Pages: 138
Binding: Paperback

Humour is not only the best medicine; it is also an exceptionally useful teaching tool.

So often, it is through humour that the big lessons in life are learned--about responsibility, honour, hard work, and respect. Cree people are known for their wit, so the tales in Woods Cree Stories are filled with humour. The book includes nine stories--including Boys Get Lost, Foolishness, and Animals Become Friends--and a Woods Cree-English glossary.

All the stories are presented in Cree syllabics, standard roman orthography, and English translation and can be enjoyed by those new to the language and more advanced learners.


Foreword - vii

Introduction - ix

Notes on the Text - xiv

nihithaw acimowina/Woods Cree Stories - 1

1.   wisahkicahk ikwa okoskohowisak

      wisahkicahk and the Startlers - 39

2.   wanisinwak napisisak

       Boys Get Lost - 47

3.   kayas ka-makosi-kisikak

      Long Ago Christmas - 51

4.   kohkominanihk

      Grandmother's Bay - 55

5.    Shaking-Spear papamohtiw

       Shaking-Spear Wanders About - 59

6.    Shaking-Spear ikwa maskwa

       Shaking-Spear Wanders About - 59

7.    paskwawi-mostos mitahtahkwana

       Buffalo Wings - 71

8.    mohcohkasowin

        Foolishness - 77

9.    pisiskiwak ototimitowak

        Animals Become Friends - 83

Woods Cree-English Glossary - 95



Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication
Ratt, Solomon, author, translator
          N¢ihithaw ¢acimowina = Woods cree stories / written and translated by
Solomon Ratt ; illustrated by Holly Martin.
(First Nations language readers)
Includes index.
Issued in print and electronic formats.
Text in Cree and English.
Co-published by First Nations University of Canada.
ISBN 978-0-88977-345-5 (pbk.).--ISBN 978-0-88977-347-9 (pdf).--
ISBN 978-0-88977-346-2 (html)
          1. Cree language--Readers.  2. Cree language--Glossaries, vocabularies,
etc.  3. Cree Indians--Humor.  I. Ratt, Solomon.  N¢ihithaw ¢acimowina. 
II. Ratt, Solomon.  N¢ihithaw ¢acimowina.  English.  III. Title.  IV. Title:
Woods cree stories. V. Series: First Nations language readers
PM989.R38A2 2014                             497'.323                          C2014-906137-4

Solomon Ratt

Solomon Ratt, a Woods Cree speaker and educator from Stanley Mission, Saskatchewan, is an associate professor in the Department of Indigenous Languages, Arts and Cultures at the First Nations University of Canada.
"Author Solomon Ratt embellishes his stories with humour as an aid to learning the Cree language. If they seem a little weird, it’s probably because Ratt describes himself as having a weird sense of humour."
Keith Foster, SK Books
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